The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently

Posted on September 20, 2011


The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently put Rochester 14th out of 366 metropolitan areas in terms of economic growth in 2010, with a Gross Domestic Product that hit $8.7 billion, a 6.9 percent increase over 2009. At a time when the national economy has been stagnant at best, that kind of growth is spectacular.

But if you really like numbers, here are a few that pack a real wallop.

Construction of Mayo Clinic’s new proton beam therapy center will bring 500 construction jobs to Rochester during the next four years, and once complete, the Richard O. Jacobson Building will be the workplace of 120 new employees. Oh, and don’t forget the new Center For the Science of Health Care Delivery, to be funded through a $20 million gift from Robert and Patricia Kern. It eventually could employ up to 100 people in Mayo Clinic’s Harwick Building.

Add those jobs up and they translate into a lot of meals eaten downtown, a lot of cars and homes purchased, more students in our schools and more revenue flowing into city and county coffers.

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